Stockton-based Evolution Valves has embraced digital ever since the company launched five years ago.

The business produces engineering valves with a whole host of different uses in industry.

Its use of digital marketing techniques, website and Skype for meetings has supported the company to a multi-million pound turnover.

Evolution Valves director Peter Cone said: “When we started up the company we recognised straight away that we wanted to stand out.

“We decided that we wanted to get a good click marketing campaign so we looked at IT to enhance our image and reputation.

“Use of digital allowed us to compete effectively – as a young company we were at a disadvantage so it was important to establish some credibility to catch-up to the established businesses.”

Evolution Valve’s growth has been meteoric.

By using digital marketing techniques the company has operated in profit every year and is on target for a £3.5m turnover.

The company has also opened an office in Houston, Texas in the US and now employs 16 people.

Peter said: “I think the greatest thing use of digital has given us is recognisable credibility.

“By having a strong digital presence people have a lot more confidence in us and what we do.

“We export 70% of what we produce so our customers very much recognise the value of what we do digitally, and because of our digital presence they feel confident that we’ve got the ability to develop to the quality they need.

“We use 3D visualisation of our valves and the website is a tool that the customers use for verification – it’s a tool that people can use to confirm that we are the right supplier, it’s very important.

“The 3D graphics are much more versatile than a traditional technical drawing. 3D has a stronger message and helps the end user to realise the flexibility of what we’re selling in a very pleasing manner.

“Then, for our direct marketing sales campaign, we use digital images and visualisations which we download on to YouTube .

“We also live and breathe Skype here.

“We have customer meetings and board meetings on Skype which has proved invaluable in speaking with our US office.”

Peter has a message for businesses which are unsure how best to use new technologies.

He said: “If you’re unsure about how to use digital just experiment with the media that’s out there to see what works for you – and don’t be afraid of it.

“I think people understand the use of digital for the consumer, more than for example in the area in which we operate – the traditional engineering marketplace.

“But every marketplace is adopting these technologies now so it is important not to be left behind.

“If you’re not using digital then you are immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage.”