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Nasser Din is Managing Director of Supreme Properties, which owns Middlesbrough’s Boho Six and Durham Tees Valley Business Centre among other commercial and residential properties.

Nasser says digital has been key to the success of his company and they are using it to develop new lines of business abroad.

He said: “We use digital technologies as they open up a huge number of opportunities – we can reach everybody across the world with the touch of a button.

“Currently we use digital a lot for communications. We’re looking at expanding our business, so being able to exchange ideas and information quickly is very important.

“We’re developing projects looking at land acquisition and residential development – and that’s all done through digital.

“For me being able to communicate digitally with other companies is really important. We have superfast broadband communications which means we can work with companies abroad and it’s just like working with someone in the same town.

“Digital is an effective tool for communication and for marketing – getting the word out there helps to create growth. Everything, from researching different countries to advertising is done digitally.”

As the provider of space to start-ups, Supreme Properties has also seen how smaller companies have made digital work for them.

Nasser said: “Our business is residential and commercial but we’ve developed a niche market where we work with new business start-ups and business developments.

“Over the past 10 years I’ve been working on projects to help smaller businesses to set up and expand and we’ve been creating creative office spaces on a monthly licence.

“We’ve been fitting all of our offices with high-speed broadband, fibre to encourage people to work with digital and to communicate with people all across the world.

“I’ve seen how important digital is in getting good business growth – that’s why broadband is so important.

“Over the years I’ve seen small businesses really expand and become successful – increasingly digital is driving that growth. As that happens our rental income grows with their business – it’s almost like a partnership.”

Nasser has some words of advice to those who are yet to embrace digital. He said: “To anyone that hasn’t yet looked at digital technologies for their business I’d say get involved in it, learn it, understand it – because it is the way forward.

“Business is done at speed – and digital is speed.”