Schools are more than educational institutes. They are platforms for new humans to learn to live and survive in this world happily. Therefore, with the time there is need to change them. 

There are some changes needed in schools. Some of them are:

Personalization: The technology has changed the whole world. Today every person has their own set of likes and dislikes. YouTube, Facebook and all social media applications have made each human different from each other due to which there is wave of personalization now due to which it has great impact on teaching and classrooms. It is getting difficult for teachers to teach all students in a single class. They need to use different ways and techniques. Therefore, it is now getting important to give them ground to learn by themselves. It is now getting important to teach each of them differently by giving time to each of them individually. In this way, all of them will get your attention. 

Curriculum: There is need to change curriculum and syllabus now because you cannot teach them what you have taught to previous generations. It is important to teach what they have to use and what they need to use. It is important right now to teach them about digital literacy and environmental sciences because there are millions of kids who are bullied of=n social sites and our earth is suffering due to lack of trees and increasing use of technology and industries. Besides this, there is need to teach them via practicality and practical exams so that they could develop their interest in sciences and other subjects and become active too because lectures would make them lazy because they are different from kids of 20th century who used to play in grounds a lot. 

Activities: There is need to introduce activities in school because these activities not only relax them and give them fun with studies but they also teach about their culture and society. They help to improve their language and speech skills the most. They increase their self-confidence and turn into a useful human being for this world. Therefore, establish another branch of art material shops, in Dubai, in your school, contact school furniture suppliers Dubai to install different desks and tables in your extra room to give them area for gymnastics, arts, plays and sports. This will help them and will help the world, in return.

So, these are few things which are need to change and introduce in schools. Schools are not institute to teach A, B and C. They are platforms for children to groom. So groom them and make them better.

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